The most secure mounting system for panel installation. The BeauClip have been developed through years of experience in the yacht woodworking industry. We have used these hidden fastener to secure overhead panels, architectural wall panels, upholstered headboards, seat cushions, we also use them as secret fixing to conceal access to mechanical areas. Created with ease of installation in mind. NO special tools required.


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Dominic Beaulieu

Dominic Beaulieu

President of Evolution

Our Testimonials

Awesome Job Dominic, Love those BeauClips.

Marko Kaar

I canthink of a lot of uses for the BeauClips, in my RV and my woodworking business

Ron Paulk

Great Product, I use the BeauClip instead of Velcro in all our panel projects when refitting yachts.

Ybrahim Lopez

1 Pcs Of BeauClip


Buy the Single Clip for Panel Mounting Works

Our Beau Clip is made of the highest quality raw material and designed precisely after considering all application possibilities. This clip is extremely effective and serves its purpose in the most apposite manner. You can use this clip for performing panel mounting jobs and other possible application in the most precise manner. This clip is extremely durable and its service life is unbelievably long. It is an upgraded and improved version of all the existing mounting clips. Our designers have put a lot of thought into making the clip that stands apart from the ordinary ones. We understand that your needs can vary and at times you might even need a single clip. Thus, we are really lenient with our selling models. If you want to order a single clip, then you can do so, it will just cost you a dollar. You can save some money if you are expanding the purchase limit and buying the clips in the bunch of 200 or 1000.

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25 Pcs Of BeauClips


All You Need to Know About 25 PCS BeauClips

Panel mounting clips are required for a wide range of purposes and it is important to use reliable clips if one wants to prevent unpleasant circumstances. We at Beauclips design clip which is very effective in functioning.
The raw materials used while manufacturing the panel mounting clip are of superior quality which ensures that the clip is sturdy and don’t come off easily.
Our designers have developed a durable clip which is better than the counterparts. The high quality of materials used gives better mechanical functionality to the clip.
The clip has been developed very carefully and meets all the safety guidelines and requirements. The clip is a perfect blend of flexibility and strength which makes it very effective.
The clip is developed using the highest quality of nylon and fire retardant substances which make it safe and effective to use.
For the convenience of the customers, we offer the clip in 4 categories. People who don’t want a large number of clips can purchase the 25 PCS of BeauClip.

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200 Pcs Of BeauClips


The Most Reliable 200 Pieces of BeauClips!

Mounting systems must be very reliable as expensive panels and other such objects are usually mounted using them.
The clip manufactured by us at Beauclips is made using the best quality of raw materials. This ensures that the clip is strong and does not get damaged easily due to detrimental factors.
Customers can rest assure because the clip is made up of fire retardant elements which make them very safe as they deter any fire hazard.
The clip is made using the premium quality of nylon which gives flexibility to the clip and the mounting operation can be done effortlessly.
The best quality of material gives the strength to the clip so that they don’t break or get damaged easily. So, the customers can enjoy the benefits of these clips for a long period of time and get more value for their investment.
We are the only brand that offers supreme mounting clips at such astonishing rates. The clips function at optimum level at all times and don’t come of even when heavy load is mounted.
Customers can purchase our reliable mounting clips in 4 different quantities. People who only want around 200 pieces can purchase the set at just $ 140.

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1,000 Pieces Of BeauClips


Always Opt for the Best and Top-Quality 1000 Pieces of BeauClips!

Panel mounting systems play a crucial role in many circumstances. They must be very effective and should never fail to keep the mounted panel intact. The mounting systems have various applications but they aren’t usually reliable.
To solve the problems created by ineffective mounting systems, we have developed superior clip which can be used to mount panels or other objects effortlessly.
The clip is made out of superior nylon which makes the clip very durable and flexible. The clip does not get damaged easily and has a long life so that the customers get the more value for their investment.
Projects that require panel mounting clips can benefit a lot from these clips as they are made using fire retardant elements which ensures that they don’t catch fire easily and the mounted panel can be safe at all times.
The Clip is superior in design and allows the users to position mounts precisely. Many panel mounting systems don’t look good and ruin the appearance but the clip offered by us is very compact and stylish in design
People who want a large number of clips for a big project can purchase the 1000 piece set as they get significant discount on the base price.
We are the only brand of panel mounting clips that offers superior clip at such convenient rates.

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Don’t wait for a lawsuit! It’s not a question of if but when one of your deckhead panels falls on one of your guests. Replace your failing Mounting System with BeauClip, without having to replace your existing panels.

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