Beauclip panel mounting system

What are BeauClips?

BeauClips are mounting clips fabricated out of a special blend of DuPont Nylon with a fire retardant which meets all safety requirements and guidelines.

Yacht and Boat Manufacturers have long been frustrated with using Velcro or Hook & Loop fastening material to install removable panels during construction or refits. Current methods are unsuccessful or break after even a single attempt of removal or re-attachment. This futuristic fastener system replaces “Hook and Loop” type fasteners. Each “BeauClip” (Pannel Clip) holds up to 15lbs of downforce which prevents panels from slipping, falling and constant repair/replacement of panels. The downforce durability increases the endurance of panel placement.


My name is Dominic Beaulieu, President of Evolution in wood, a yacht refit company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and creator of the “BeauClip”.

Many mariners will find that their headliner panels slip, falls off, hangs or loses their grip due to the inefficiency of the Velcro or dual-locking system in the headliner panels.

After years of using different fastening systems, I found that most required tools, various screws, were bulky, not easy to install or required threading, all which were options but not “better” options for myself or for my customers. I found no systems that were secure, reusable, cost-effective, easy to install, durable and reliable. I then knew that I needed to create a more efficient, cost-effective and time-saving product that would resolve the issue of ineffective locking systems for those in the industry and their customers. After creating a fastener, my intent was to keep it to myself and just use it for the work that I did for my customers and projects. Well, the fastener worked so well, I shared it with a couple of local Marine Upholstery Shops and they really liked the simplicity and durability of the fastener. I then knew that it was time to share my fasting system.

In January of 2010, I launched the “BeauClip”; a durable, secure, easy to install, reliable, cost-effective locking system that has, thus far, been successfully replacing Velcro, Hook & Loop and other manufactured panel locking systems. With our string of successful installations, we are now introducing “BeauClip” to boat builders and fitters in an effort to making the “BeauClip” available to the marine industry around the world.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me @ 954-934-2820 or email @ to request samples of “BeauClip”.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and trial of “BeauClip”.
Dominic Beaulieu

Our Latest Testimonials

Great Product, I use the BeauClip instead of Velcro in all our panel projects when refitting yachts. 

Ybrahim Lopez

I canthink of a lot of uses for the BeauClips, in my RV and my woodworking business

Ron Paulk


Awesome Job Dominic, Love those BeauClips.

Marko Kaar