1 Pcs Of BeauClip


Buy the Single Clip for Panel Mounting Works

Our Beau Clip is made of the highest quality raw material and designed precisely after considering all application possibilities. This clip is extremely effective and serves its purpose in the most apposite manner. You can use this clip for performing panel mounting jobs and other possible application in the most precise manner. This clip is extremely durable and its service life is unbelievably long. It is an upgraded and improved version of all the existing mounting clips. Our designers have put a lot of thought into making the clip that stands apart from the ordinary ones. We understand that your needs can vary and at times you might even need a single clip. Thus, we are really lenient with our selling models. If you want to order a single clip, then you can do so, it will just cost you a dollar. You can save some money if you are expanding the purchase limit and buying the clips in the bunch of 200 or 1000.